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CoQ10: For energy and vitality


CoQ10: For energy and vitality

The heart is an amazing organ, pumping blood to every part of the body to give us the oxygen and nutrients we need, and carrying away waste. If our heart doesn’t work efficiently, the rest of our body suffers.

To function properly, the heart needs to receive and maintain a sufficient supply of Coenzyme Q10. Also known as ubiquinol, ubidercarenone or vitamin Q, CoQ10 is an antioxidant that  is naturally synthesised by the body. CoQ10 is present in the cellular powerhouses known as mitochondria, which generate energy, keeping the heart and other organs functioning and healthy.

However, the amount of CoQ10 in our body is not always sufficient. From the age of 30 (or younger), our natural production of CoQ10 starts to decline; by age 50, depletion continues to accelerate; at age 80, our CoQ10 levels can be lower than they were at birth. Taking statins (cholesterol-lowering medication) or some other drugs, or unhealthy lifestyles, can also deplete our body’s CoQ10 levels.

With an insufficient supply of CoQ10, our heart strains to do its job, and our whole body suffers. This can result in low energy, physical and mental fatigue, depressed immune or cardiovascular functions, or a variety of health problems. More studies are emerging which prove that cardiovascular disease is associated with a CoQ10 deficiency.

Doctors and natural health practitioners know the significant benefits of regularly taking a CoQ10 supplement, with many doctors now recommending it to their patients.

William Lee Cowden, New Zealand cardiologist, says, “Studies show that most people with congestive heart failure have a deficiency of CoQ10 in their heart muscle. The lower the levels, the worse the congestive heart failure. But studies also show that patients who were supposed to die 15 years ago from congestive heart failure are still alive today primarily because of taking Coenzyme Q10 daily.”

Taking a high-quality CoQ10 supplement can play a major role in making sure your body has the energy it needs to maintain a strong, healthy heart.

Supports cardiovascular health

Has been used to treat heart failure and other heart conditions

Supports energy and vitality

Is shown to lower blood pressure and prevent migraines.

Supports skin, eye and gum health.
If you are taking statins, a CoQ10 supplement is essential. Supplementation should also be considered if you have low energy, weakness and fatigue, cardiovascular problems or a depressed immune system. Consult your doctor or dietitian, or talk to Health 2000 staff in-store to see if CoQ10 would be a good supplement for your health and wellbeing.

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